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Who We Are

IDEAM Cluster is an innovative national industry cluster located in the heart of the Mid-West region of Ireland supporting businesses to collaborate, innovate and grow. We aim to prepare those organisations for opportunities in digitalisation and green transition of manufacturing. The core needs of SMEs are at the heart of our cluster strategy acting as a ‘one-stop-shop’ to ignite the exponential growth of manufacturing SMEs. Our core vision is to unlock new collaborative opportunities for our members by working together and building trust.


IDEAM brings together industry, academia, government and society to represent the needs of the digital engineering and advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Ireland. Our mission is to support SMEs with their smart manufacturing journey. At an economic level, the impact of the IDEAM Cluster will be the retention and attraction of 2,000 jobs and support more than 75 manufacturing SMEs in digital transformation and industry 4.0.


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The Green Transition of Ireland’s Manufacturing SMEs: Digi Manufacturing 2.0 project will foster new industry collaboration opportunities

IDEAM’s support to the future of advanced and sustainable manufacturing in Ireland
Industry growth through collaboration at Limerick Institute of Technology

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