National Funding supports*

Grant   Consultancy    Training  Salary Support

Enterprise Ireland     InterTradeIreland     Local Enterprise Office


>€1.5m  |           DEADLINE: 31 May 2023, 3pm

€35k  |   

€5k  |  

<€150k  |   (<€300k projects)

>€150k  |   (>€300k projects)

€15k  |   
€80k  |    


€5k  |  

€35k  |   

<€150k  |    (<€300k projects) 

>€150k  |    (>€300k projects) 

€4.5k  |   

€2.5k  |   


€1.8k  |   

€5k  | 

€50k  |   

€5k  |    
€100k  |   

€35k  |  


€150k  |   

 | Cost to company €9k for 3 employees including CEO

| Cost to company €1,490 + VAT for CEO and 1 employee

€43,124  |  

Skills & People

€150k  |  

€30k  |  

€150k  |  

€67.9k  |  

*Subject to change/updates. Figures are percentage based and are provided for guidance purposes only. IDEAM does not provide this funding.

Digital and green Manufacturing ignition fund


Goal: Develop a strategic roadmap for digital and green transition 


Support: Max. €2k Grant

                 Digital and Green Transformation Assessment 

                 Industry Video Development 

                 Digital and Green Strategic Road Map and Case Study


Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 


Call Open: February 23 – April 23 

For more information email [email protected]

EUROPEAN Funding supports

Grant Consultancy      Training


Goal: Identify and bring to market new-to-firm products and/or services to make SMEs more resilient against value chain disruption 


Support: Max. €20k Grant (Single SME – lump-sum)


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  15 SMEs


Call Open: 3rd April 23 – 7th June 23 


Goal: Assess technologies and adopt business processes to enable the green and digital transition to make SMEs more competitive, ready for resilient future and for global growth  


Support: Max. €35k Grant (Single SME)

                 Max. €50k Grant (Consortium,

                                                    2x SMEs)


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  18 SMEs


Call Open: 3rd April 23 – 7th June 23


Goal: Facilitate internationalisation of SMEs


Support: Max. €25k Grant ( Single SME – lump-sum)


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  12 SMEs


Call Open: 3rd April 23 – 7th June 23

For more information email [email protected]



Goal: Services for incubating cross-sectoral innovation focusing on supporting SMEs in identifying market opportunities, needs, and pain points and connecting the different sectors favouring cross-sectoral learning, best practices exchange, and collaborative development 


Support: Learning Expeditions (+Travel Vouchers), Workshops, Webinars, Matchmaking, Networking


Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 



Goal: Customised advisory services, including assisted self-assessment and circular/ digital diagnostic, coaching/ training at a strategic level (business model) 


Support:  40h of Individual Coaching 


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  100 SMEs


Call Open: June 2023 – August 2023


Goal: Support for development projects, including coaching services for developing
innovative and sustainable business models, with financial support complemented with substantial assistance
provided by coaching partners and DIHs


Support: Max. €49k Grant 

                 50 of Individual                                 Coaching


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  60 SMEs


Call Open: January 2024 – March 2024


Goal: To bring solutions on the market and additional customised services to support new business models, leveraging additional private or public funds through the ESIF or other sources


Support: Coaching


Expected Number of Beneficiaries: 



For more information email [email protected]

Deployment Voucher

Goal: Deployment of digital twin technology within manufacturing businesses


Support: Max. €90k Grant


Expected Number of Beneficiaries:  Up to 16 manufacturing SMEs and midcaps


Call Open: 16thJanuary 2023 – 16th April 2023


For more information visit: