This webinar will focus on (i) the current state of the textile industry including global market trends and environmental aspects, (ii) recycling technologies including technical aspects, level of maturity, challenges and limitations as well as (iii) biopolymers including market trends and recent developments.

Most of the recent disruptive technologies and benefits gained by enterprises are directly related to new ways of acquiring, transmitting, storing, and analysing data. This webinar will address data acquisition, data analytics and data-driven decision-making, illustrated by some relevant case studies.

Artificial Intelligence is expected to have a societal impact as big as the one made by the internet. However, most of the educational content on AI nowadays is still focused on the developers of these technologies, and not the user. This talk will introduce, from user perspective, key concepts related to AI, possible applications, where it works and where it fails, ethical considerations and prospects for the future.

This seminar will introduce the concept of Digitalisation of Manufacturing, Industry 4.0, new business models and key enabling technologies. The first steps in digitalisation and the self-assessment of digital maturity will be addressed, along with examples of added – value achieved by industry through digitalisation projects.