IDEAM Cluster

Clusters are collaborative engines for driving economic recovery, renewal and resilience whilst supporting business growth opportunities focusing on ‘connecting people and connecting communities’.

 IDEAM is an industry-driven cluster organisation that brings together industry, academia and government to represent the needs of the advanced manufacturing sector in Ireland. In the past 20 years, clusters and cluster initiatives have become a key component in utilising the strengths of national and regional competitiveness strategies. Cluster programs and initiatives are today established in all developed and in many developing countries.

Digitalisation, collaboration, growth

Support the digitalisation and growth of the manufacturing sector in the region through collaboration, interconnection and synergies between government, academia and companies.

Competitiveness, Productivity, Internationalisation

Promote a high degree of competitiveness, productivity and internationalisation in the digitalisation and sustainable growth of manufacturing SMEs, contributing to the economic growth of Ireland.


"A cluster is a geographical proximate group of interconnected companies and associated institutions in a particular field, linked by commonalities and externalities"

Michael E. Porter, On Competition
At an economic level, the impact of the IDEAM Cluster will be the retention and attraction of 2,000 jobs and support more than 75 manufacturing SMEs in digital transformation and Industry 4.0.