Talent and Skills

Under the Talent and Skills initiative, IDEAM Cluster constitutes a single-point of contact for SMEs interested in acquiring knowledge on digitalisation of manufacturing. This involves the identification of industry needs and knowledge gaps that are addressed through the provision of specific talent and skills programmes, workshops and events that support the upskilling of the industry workforce and equip employees with the necessary skills to drive digital transformation within their companies.

Research & Development

Under the Research and Development initiative, IDEAM Cluster supports SMEs to assess their current level of digitalisation and benchmark their performance against industry standards as well as identify opportunities for improvement. This involves the assessment of the digital readiness of companies using online calculators and site-assessments, the collation of relevant white-papers and case studies, support from third level institutions and research centres as well as the development of a strategic action plan which is tailored to the requirements of the individual organisation to implement digitalisation and optimise operations.

Internationalisation and Funding

Under the Internationalisation and Funding initiative, IDEAM Cluster supports SMEs to improve their geographical reach and increase their scale through product and process innovations, increased quality of their offering and engagement with research performing organisations across mainland Europe. IDEAM Cluster is involved in several large-scale European projects that support the digital and green transition of SMEs across Europe providing cluster members with access to new markets while fostering cross-industry as well as cross-border collaborations. Furthermore, IDEAM supports SMEs to identify, explore and apply for new funding streams to drive innovation and growth of member companies.

Business & Community

Under the Business and Community Development initiative, IDEAM Cluster fosters strong relationships and cooperation amongst members to strengthen the resilience and increase the competitiveness of the engineering and advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Ireland on a national and international level. This involves the development of a community of best practice that is built on trust, collaboration and engagement through networking events that facilitate peer-to-peer learning, knowledge exchange and the establishment of sustainable collaborative relationships between our members to collectively address challenges and realise opportunities.