We aim to promote a high degree of competitiveness, productivity and internationalisation in the digitalisation and sustainable growth of manufacturing SMEs, contributing to the economic growth of Ireland. IDEAM assists manufacturing SMEs in digital transformation and our core goal is to unlock new opportunities for industry by working collaboratively.

Why become a member?

  • Opportunity to attend knowledge-building events such as strategic working groups, seminars, etc.
  • Direct access to upcoming talent initiatives such as training programmes, workshops, etc.
  • Provide the potential for sourcing talent and specific resources for your organisation
  • Opportunity to participate in industry-generated innovation projects, to solve advanced manufacturing challenges
  • Closer links and engagement with industry and research institutions
  • Potential cost-savings via shared test facilities, R&D infrastructure and internal research expertise, shared expertise etc.
  • Access to national and international funding mechanisms as well as funding application support
  • Potential access to opportunities in other projects and markets for exporting opportunities
  • Interaction and collaboration with other similar clusters and their members on a national and international scale
  • A platform for members to engage with one another on advanced manufacturing technologies and industry updates
  • Access to industry case studies, white papers and webinars
  • Access to community-building events such as conferences, exhibitions, matchmaking and other collaborative networking activities