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Sreelane, County Limerick, Ireland
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WrxFlo was founded in 2019, having identified a unique gap in the market of combining technology solutions/Lean / data analytics with the experience of delivering very specific business and customer outcomes. WrxFlo founders are business leaders who have 40 years global experience in Multinationals in the design, build, and implementation of manufacturing and supply chains and technology across a wide range of sectors. We give our customers access to all their data in real-time and help them solve the problems they are facing throughout their supply chain allowing the companies to be more competitive in terms of output, customer experience and ability to win work. We do this by connecting their operations and management systems and visualizing all their data in their WrxFlo dashboards, accessible anywhere in the world. Although our main clients are multinationals, we work with clients across the globe including US, Europe, and China in a range of sectors from medium sized business to large scale to achieve a single source of truth from their various data streams.
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