"We are really looking forward to working with the members of IDEAM, this is a fantastic opportunity to prove that Ireland is an innovator and a world leader in advanced manufacturing including Additive Manufacturing. With Jamie’s experience and previous success, I have full confidence that together with IDEAM we will achieve its objectives. The team is really enjoying working with the cluster. If you are in the manufacturing space and you have not joined up to IDEAM Cluster, you should. In a short space of time, Jamie has brought us a wealth of opportunities. Learn More: https://www.wazp.io/wazp-joins-the-ideam-cluster"
"As the owner of an SME, I believe that it is crucial to the future of Thormac that we embrace new ideas and technologies to improve our competitiveness and relevance to our customers. I believe that this is best achieved by collaborating with other likeminded SMEs. IDEAM creates the perfect platform for this collaboration".
"We aim to enhance our competitiveness through the digitalisation of our manufacturing processes. By joining IDEAM, we have unlocked new and invaluable opportunities for CPM concerning funding opportunities, international collaborations, R&D projects, networking, and support for our digitalisation efforts. We are delighted to be part of the IDEAM Cluster community and their team!"
"We at Total Precision feel that digital transformation is the ONLY way forward for machining, and having spoken with Jamie and heard his proposals, it’s obvious that joining IDEAM is the best vehicle to be onboard to enhance our journey. It is refreshing to hear IDEAM and Jamie’s plan for digitalisation and for greater collaboration in the manufacturing sector in Ireland."
“The IDEAM cluster will enable LIT to connect and engage further with SMEs providing a means to increase their educational and research remit in all aspects of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. The Regional Technology Clustering Fund, which is supporting the cluster, was designed to help strengthen collaboration between industry leaders and Higher Education Institutions with a view to enhanced balanced regional development. Working and supporting industry in the region is already one of LIT’s key priorities as we continue to develop courses to meet industry needs and educate our students to a work ready standard. It is the success of this partnership that paves the way for three quarters of LIT’s graduates to remain in the Mid West region, working primarily in counties Limerick, Clare and Tipperary".
“As an engineering and manufacturing business, we are acutely aware of the need to continually create efficiencies through new technologies and processes, in order to be competitive. Being a part of the IDEAM Cluster exposes us to the incoming trends and best practices being used internationally, as well as connecting in with other likeminded companies. IDEAM can help to expose best practices being used, emerging trends and knowledge share from other manufacturing companies. It is clearly something heavily leveraged in other countries and the benefits have been proven in terms of GDP creation. IDEAM will be a great benefit to SME’s looking to stay competitive in a rapidly changing technological and digital environment. The cluster can be an excellent resource for SME’s who because of size are always playing the balancing act of keeping up with trends to remain competitive but not utilising new technologies or digitisation that isn’t going to bring real value. Additionally, the knowledge share aspect between companies could be very beneficial for SME’s who may not have a CTO that would be present in larger organisations".
“The launch of IDEAM highlighted the available opportunities for SMEs. The Cluster is hugely important in improving the awareness and accessibility of supports for the digital transformation and that it is a learning process for all. The Western Development Commission, as the lead agency for the National Hubs Network welcomes the opportunity to work with IDEAM to engage with as many SMEs as possible and, in particular with those in more rural and regional areas, to ensure that they have access to cutting edge manufacturing development across the EU”.
“Collaboratively working and backing industry in the region is one of LIT’s main objectives as we continue to develop programmes to specifically meet industry needs and up-skill our students to prepare them for industry employment. The IDEAM Cluster will help to ease industry pain points and open new doors for SMEs to become more competitive and productive”.
“Business clusters have proven to drive regional economic development performance, due to the significantly greater increases in innovation and technology applications, and commercialisation of these applications. IDEAM will act as a catalyst for bringing together the key stakeholders from industry, academia, and government to make a real impact on the development of the advanced manufacturing and digital transformation sector in the Mid-West region and Ireland as a whole. The IDEAM Cluster will enable the AIT - LIT Consortium to cooperate and engage further with SMEs providing a means to increase their educational and research remit in all aspects of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. Working jointly as part of the AIT - LIT Consortium can bring many new opportunities for manufacturing SMEs to augment their digital journey”.
“Industry must be at the pinnacle of what the cluster is trying to achieve with the backing of the three pillars - industry, academia and government. The global industry is growing unprecedentedly and now is the right time to make the Mid-West region and Ireland a world-class one-stop-shop that will assist Manufacturing SMEs in all aspects of digital transformation and Industry 4.0. An advanced manufacturing and IN4.0 digital transformation cluster can pioneer Ireland on an international scale to attract start-ups, investments and develop indigenous SMEs in this sector, but everyone must work more collectively and build trust. The right people at the heart of the cluster will help to ensure its added value, sustainability and impact”.